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Thread: stomach issues and Pelvic pain

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    Default stomach issues and Pelvic pain

    i'm in week 7th of my testosterone enanthate cycle and i have been experiencing stomach issues and pain around the groin and pelvic areas. i have not made any changes to my dietary and workout habits, so the culprit could not anything but the test. can anyone please help me out??

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    That is strange, and sounds to me like an hernia. This might have happened as a result of lifting heavier. But this is definitely not a normal thing with testosterone. So get checked by a doctor.

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    Sounds to me like you pulled your groin. It's really easy to do when squatting or deadlifting heavy.

    Book an appointment with your doctor and get it professional checked out. Hopefully it's just a strain and not an actual muscle tear.
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    either a tear or hernia

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    Guys nailed it......has to be some type of injury. Likely a pulled/torn muscle or a hernia. Best to have it checked out if it doesn't start getting better each day.

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