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Thread: feeling very weak

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    Default feeling very weak

    i did a cycle with test e 500mg a week and anavar 60-100mg ed for 14 weeks and i am just done with the PCT part. have been feeling really low and out of energy ever since then. i have made no changes to my workout, eating, and running habits and eat only home-made quality food. what could be the possible reason and the way out?

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    what kind of pct did you run?

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    Without knowing your entire situation, it sounds like you didn't run a proper PCT after your cycle and your natural testosterone production didn't' fully recover.

    Check out this link on the perfect PCT protocol ->!-49252.html

    It explains how to run a proper PCT so your natural testosterone production fully recovers
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    Anavar is a liver toxic should not be taken mire then 6...max..8 weeks.
    And also you don t have any liver pritectiin like n2guard.
    So it could be the liver...also could be low test...
    Made sime bloid test and you will see.

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