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Thread: Cycle extension - SARMS + Test Prop + Stano

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    Default Cycle extension - SARMS + Test Prop + Stano

    Hey guys, i need some help since I don't really know if I can add to sarms some test prop?

    so i've been doing for 4 weeks Cardarine + S4 (SARMS1)
    now I want to add some test prop 100 eod + stano 80mcg ed (oral)

    and run it for another 6 weeks.

    I'm thinking of cutting the sarms and just continuing test prop + stano

    I've lost some size and didn't do good at the show - 2nd in my class. so there's another show in 6 weeks which i'm thinking of doing..but i gotta get my size that's the reason for doing that extension.

    let me know what you think?

    after 6 weeks i'll go to pct.

    I've found some good deal on napsgear from BM Pharmaceuticals - does anyone know that company? it's new so there's no comments or reviews about their gear..
    thanks in advance

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    I personally would keep using the SARMS like you are but simply add in the steroids. The SARMS will only benefit you.

    The nice thing about cardarine is that since it's not a stimulant, there is no risk of muscle loss. It'll help cut you up but it's not catabolic at all. Remember that conditioning wins shows. You aren't going to be able to put on a lot of size in 6 weeks. You need to out condition everyone.

    I would do cardarine + S4 +test prop 100 eod + stano 80mcg ed for another 6 weeks, then run your PCT.

    As for sources, I haven't used naps gear personally but I have read a lot of mixed reviews. My advice to anyone who is looking for a source is to head on over to and check the source reviews section.
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    check out for a source. don't use shitty ass naps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmi View Post
    check out for a source. don't use shitty ass naps!
    why shitty ass naps? i use napsgear for's just they have a new 40% on that prop...which comes to 17$ a vial..i mean it's pretty cheap , but that's not lab tested.. new product...

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    Naps are selective scammers. They send some good orders and some that are completely fake. Just read the reviews on them. I would never risk it.

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    That would be a bit of a redundant cycle in my opinion. Why not just first finish the cycle with SARMS, which will condition you to prime shape for the cycle with testosterone and stanozolol? I think this would give you a much better effect, and will make the overall cycle last longer with same or even less side effects.

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    I used Proven Peptides as my source for SARMs. I found them from reading this Proven Peptides Review, and ever since I first tried their Ostarine I've been using them ever since. Great quality stuff. Can't compare it to an actual steroid cycle, but it's pretty good still.

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