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Thread: thoughts on test e and tren

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    Default thoughts on test e and tren

    i am thinking of running my fourth cycle. never used trenbolone till now but have been left impressed by what all i have read about it. would it make point to run trenbolone acetate 150mg eod and testosterone enanthate 500mg a week for 16 weeks with arimidex, clomid, and nolva for cycle support and PCT?

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    i prefer to let the tren work its magic without interference.

    I like to run tren 250mg a week with some var or tbol as a kickstart.

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    150mg of tren ace EOD is WAY too much tren for a first tren cycle.

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    If you are running Test E, just run Tren E with it. 250-300mg of each is plenty in a cycle.

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