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Thread: which AI is better?

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    Default which AI is better?

    i am confused when it comes to selecting the AI for my testosterone enanthate only cycle for 18 weeks wherein i will run 250mg twice a week. should i try out arimidex .25mg eod or should i rather opt for aromasin 12.5mg eod?? what are the pros and cons of both of them?

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    aromasin is the most modern and overall best AI on the market

    ag-guys sells it at a reasonable price

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    I would recommend you to use aromasin instead of arimidex for the following reasons:

    1. Aromasin is a suicide inhibitor, so there will be no estrogen rebound once you stop taking it. Meanwhile, this estrogen rebound is well possible with arimidex, since it is not a suicide AI.

    2. Arimidex will stress your lipids by increasing the levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad one), whilst aromasin will increase the levels of HDL (the good cholesterol).

    3. Aromasin will increase your IGF-1 production by up to 25%, which is very good for muscle growth and recovery, which is not the case with arimidex.

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    Aromasin is the better choice in every single way ->
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    Aromasin is a much better choice......10-12.5mg EOD

    18 weeks is way too long to be on gear too. In the end you would be on like 22 weeks by the time all is said and done.

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