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Thread: Thoughts on my next??

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    Default Thoughts on my next??

    i have been a regular visitor to this great forum. i have two cycles under my belt. i'm 29, 5'10", and 195lbs, last cycle was with test prop. would you recommend me to now try my hands on testosterone enanthate 500mg a week along with deca 400mg a week for 16 weeks and turinabol 70mg ed for weeks 1-5? how about adding HCG 250iu twice a week along with arimidex .25mg eod?

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    Drop the HCG, it'll do more harm then good ->

    Your test and deca dosages look good. Bump up the arimidex to .5mg EOD though. Also add in proviron and a good liver aid supplement when using the turinabol since it's a liver toxic oral steroid.

    Look for a liver aid supplement that contains TUDCA, NAC and milk thistle. makes a really good product called n2guard. Check that out
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    hcgenerate ES actually contains ingredients to reduce prolactin. Mucuna was even used in parkinsons patients to help with that! I'm a big fan of natural solutions first before you start giving your body a drug

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    16 weeks is a bit long for a cycle....especially with those long esters. You would be on for well over 20 weeks. I would cut it to 12 weeks. The doses look fine on the test and deca. Tbol is a bit high for me. Maybe run that 40-50mg per day. Also, just drop the HCG. What good do you think it will actually do? It does much more harm than good. And you left out PCT. That scares me.

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