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Thread: Winstrol and and anxiety??

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    Default Winstrol and and anxiety??

    i have had anxiety for some years and was on antidepressants and all for a while, now things are much better. i want to know if doing a cycle with winstrol can harm my mental peace again? do roids generally exaggerate things? i heard winny can lower the endogenous Testosterone output. is that true?

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    I really don't think using steroids if you have suffered from anxiety in the past is smart. All steroids will effect mood.

    SARMS would be a much better alternate for you ->

    What you read about winstrol lowering endogenous testosterone output is 100% true. Sarms are only extremely minimally suppressive so you won't have the same issue.
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    yes anabolic steroids absolutely will affect you. it is the same way women who are mental go crazy around their periods when their hormones start changing

    i agree with musky.. sarms are going to be safer for you because they are mild.

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    Steroids can definitely cause anxiety and depression issues, which is especially true for those who already had such conditions previously. Therefore, @muskate's advice is very wise - better use SARMS, since they do not cause these mental issues. You can also check out this article about steroids and depression - I am pretty sure that it will answer many of your questions.

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    All steroids will suppress natural testosterone production to answer your second question.

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