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Thread: good roid for strength?

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    Default good roid for strength?

    i've been looking for a good anabolic steroid that can help improve my performance in the gym and in the bed would a cycle like testosterone enanthate, trenbolone acetate along with cialis be good? or do you recommend something better?

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    steroids are great for building strength, but if you have no base and don't workout what are they going to really do? and when you come off then what?

    everything you want to improve on you can accomplish without steroids... treat steroids like the icing on the cake, or else you will hate coming off

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    When you say improve your performance in the gym - what exactly do you mean by that?

    A steroid like tren would increase your strength for sure, but it would also kill your endurance and cardio. Tren is a very effective - but very aggressive and harsh steroid in the way of side effects. Check out this video on tren side effects for more information ->

    For your goals, a much simpler stack would be cardarine + cialis.
    You can read up on cardarine more here ->
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    Have you used any steroids before? I need a bit more information before recommending something for you.

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