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Thread: testosterone guidance?

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    Default testosterone guidance?

    for the last few days, my testosterone levels seem to have dipped down heavily. i have been feeling sleepy and weak almost every time. it seems to me like my gf is also feeling this, but she kinda not telling me as of now. can testosterone levels be increased with anabolic steroids?? if yes, which ones and how to dose them??? thanks a lot.

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    how about you run blood work? no running steroids does not help testosterone levels, they will actually shut you down more after you use them

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    If it has only been a couple of days, it sounds to me like you got sick. Your testosterone levels don't really fluctuate much from day to day.

    Has this been a long term thing or did it just recently start? If you have no previous history of using steroids and this just suddenly started - sounds to me like you just got sick.

    I would book an appointment with your doctor and get a full physical done. Also ask for blood work. That way you can see if your testosterone levels are in fact low or if you are just sick.
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    This is now how to use steroids. I would go to the doctor and get some blood work done. Steroids will actually shut down your natural testosterone production.

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