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Thread: how to bulk right?

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    Default how to bulk right?

    i have always been a skinny guy all my life and want to gain some weight and muscles. tried protein powders, creatine, workouts, etc. but nothing made much of a difference. can someone please advise me on how to use steroids when it comes to bulking?? it would be greatly appreciated.

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    the only advantage to steroids is they will generally increase appetite. but really it is just like fat people trying to lose weight, they will lose some weight dieting then just gain it back

    none of those things you tried are the solution, you didn't mention a thing about your diet or training which is the problem in the first place..what you need is to eat more and weight train consistent to build good quality muscle. it takes time.

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    Taking supplements to get bigger is the wrong approach. What will actually make you grow is food. You can take all the steroids you want but you wont grow if you are not eating enough. Your issue has nothing to do with the stuff you have been taking. You are simply not eating enough. Remember that you should be able to make solid gains with nothing else besides eating enough and training hard.

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    Read this article on getting from skinny to buff, man. You want to focus mainly on your diet, and eating big to get big.

    Optimize your testosterone, eat a ton of calories, lift HARD, and do a lot of compound lifts. IMO shakes are great for hard gainers, as well. I like Rich Piana's Mutant Mass (Rest in Peace), and banana, oatmeal, whey protein shakes.

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