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Thread: blood pressure

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    i've been taking anadrol for the last 5 weeks and just started using arimidex from this week onwards. my blood pressure levels have became somewhat destabilized. my resting heart rate just out of bed was 86 and the morning reading was 139/78. what do you think guys??

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    Anadrol is a steroid that is well known to increase blood pressure. It's just a part of the steroids profile. Besides using an AI and a good overall health supplement like n2guard from - there isn't much you can really do about it.

    Pick up N2guard from or a similar product and see how your blood pressure is. If it doesn't start to go down, stop using the anadrol. Anadrol is super liver toxic so you don't want to use it a long time without a break anyways.

    Don't take high blood pressure lightly. It'll put a lot of strain on your kidneys. Stop using the anadrol if you can't get it under control.
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    stop taking the anadrol, your blood pressure will balance.

    always use n2guard on cycle

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    Seems pretty normal for a harsh oral steroid like anadrol.

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