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Thread: Feedback on 2nd

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    Default Feedback on 2nd

    i will be running my second cycle in mid of December. stats 180lbs, 5'11", and 27 years old male. would you advise me to run testosterone cypionate 500mg a week for 18 weeks along with winstrol 50mg ed for weeks 13-18?? i will also be running arimidex, clomid, and nolva. How does that look?

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    run aromasin instead of adex if you can. shorten the 'cycle' to 12 weeks. you are just on your 2nd cycle and 18 weeks is TOO LONG. you will fry your HPTA at this rate

    and for pct, run the perfect pct.

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    I agree with Steve......shorten that cycle. There is no need for 18 weeks on. If you add in the esters you would be on for even more than 18 weeks. That makes it incredibly harder to recover.

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