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Thread: What should I run for my first ever cycle?

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    Default What should I run for my first ever cycle?

    i have been doing a lot of research lately and have come to the conclusion that most steroid users and experts recommend using testosterone enanthate 250mg twice a week for 14-16 weeks when it comes to the first cycle. am i right on this? secondly, would arimidex dose be 0.25mg ed or 0.5mg eod??

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    You are correct on the testosterone dosage but 10-12 weeks is best for a first cycle. 14-16 weeks is way too long.

    Check out this video I made on estrogen, aromatize inhibitors and gyno ->

    Arimidex will work but Aromasin is the best choice for an AI since it is a suicide AI. There will be no estrogen rebound when you discontinue usage. Check out the video I linked above. I go through all the different AI options and clearly explain why aromasin is the clear winner.

    If you want to use arimidex, use 0.5mg EOD but 10-12.5mg of aromasin EOD is a better option.
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    i would decrease the length of time.. also make sure you follow musky's advice above. the biggest mistake newbs make is not always on cycle, it is after cycle. they get so excited to run their 2nd one that they don't allow enough recovery time. and remember to run blood work before and after !

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    I would go with aromasin over arimidex too. 10mg EOD is a good dose.

    You don't list a PCT at all which worries me. That will be an extremely important part of your cycle. Run this:!-49252.html

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