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Thread: tren and water retention

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    Default tren and water retention

    i am thinking about running a 18 week cycle with sustanon 250mg e3d and trenbolone acetate 150mg eod. however, i have read on many posts that water retention and tren cough are common sides with trenbolone. is there some way out or at least something to minimize issues?

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    Trenbolone actually doesn't aromatize into estrogen. It's a pretty dry steroid. It will raise prolactin levels which will cause some water retention but you can easily fix that by using an anti-prolactin drug

    Testosterone (sustanon) does aromatize into estrogen and will cause water retention unless you include an AI in your cycle.

    Tren cough is easily fixed by cardarine ->

    Include there 3 steroids in your cycle lay out and you won't have any water retention or bloat.
    1. An AI like aromasin to keep estrogen in the low-normal range
    2. An anti-prolactin drug like cabergoline to keep prolactin in the low-normal range
    3. Cardarine to increase fat loss, endurance and prevent tren related side effects like tren cough
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    the bloat people get on tren is due to inflammation. it is a very inflammatory steroid

    there is no way to combat that except eating more anti-inflammatory foods and eating less inflammatory foods. also drink a ton of water

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