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Thread: New member, help

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    Default New member, help

    i am a new member to this forum and here for some suggestions for my first cycle. i have been lifting for 2 years, on and off. never used steroids before but want to now take things to the next level. can anyone plz help me with everything?? it will be very appreciated.

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    Welcome to the board brother. I am glad you are doing your research before rushing into anything.

    If you need a source for steroids - head on over to the source reviews section on

    Check out this video I made on how to run a first steroid cycle ->

    In this article series I explain how to do injections ->

    Here's what I recommend for a first steroid cycle:

    Weeks 1 - 10
    testosterone e or cyp 500mg/week (inject 250mg twice per week)
    aromasin 12.5mg every other day <- very important to prevent against estrogen related side effects like gyno and water retention.

    After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol:
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

    For training inquires please send me a private message or email

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    i would recommend you do a lot more research man. and i also recommend you hire a coach where you can pick their brains on this stuff. you can PM me and we can set something up, I do online coaching

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    I think you would benefit from much more time natural. 2 years off and on is a very limited amount of training. The thing with steroids is that unless you are consistent you will not see any benefit. So, training off and on will not work with using these serious hormones. I would just work on your training and perfect your diet until you have been doing it every single day for a long period of time. Only then is it the right time to introduce steroids.

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