Just popped in to see how everyone has been doing. Currently, 62 years old, 5'8", 245 lbs, around 14, 15% bf. Still kicking ass in the gym. Lighter weights now. Don't go over 405 on flat bench due to wrist pain. Workout weight is 315.
Quit doing squats a couple of years ago. Leg presses are taking their place. Keeping it under 1000 lbs any more. L5, S1 have issues.
Wifey turns 66 next month is retiring.
3 grandkids full of puss and vinegar. Life is good.
Have a 30 year old girlfriend and a 21 year old girlfriend. They are more expensive than the supplements I use to maintain my strength, and my erection. ; l
Life is good. I hope everyone here is well. It's been a while.