Hi everyone,
I previously made a post to ask for advice on what steroids I can use for first cycle to gain mass, however someone recommended me sarms, which I never heard of before.
I am 22 years old, 172cm and 62kg and my long-term goal is to get to 70-75kg.
I understood that the sarms are definitely much safer, but also wanted to ask how much approximately I can gain for 2-3months cycle with sarms? I know it depends on every person from diet ,training and body type but overall approximately ?
Also where I can buy them to be 100% sure that they are genuine and high quality?
I want to find out more overall as i need to gain a lot of weight and not sure if sarms would help me enough or I should consider steroids, I also want to take only oral steroids, if i will be taking steroids over sarms.
Thanks in advance!