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Thread: Why The Hell Are My Balls Shrinking?

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    i think my girl has the same primo (RSOC) you do and after one shot she's starting to harden up in the shoulders and arms. what doses are you taking??

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    coachj Guest


    bro i keep telling you that your not gonna get these huge pumps from primo like you think. your also not gonna get aggression buildups either. ITS primo. like i told you before, if you want those things you need to get on some test. from what you told me you have red star primo, and i know a ton of guys on other boards who have had great results from it. do you really think that "normal" chicks would take the stuff if it gave them more aggression? no. your looking for something that youll never get out of that particular drug.

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    i gotta go with coach. primo wont make you pumped and huge. get some test, any test to go with it. and maybe some dbol if your looking for the pumps.

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    So why the hell are my balls the size of marbles now. They kinda hurt to like my balls are being squished to fit that size, if you knwo what i mean. lol, damn my fricken balls.

    ~The Myth has spoken
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    dont you remember health class...your only suppose to check for lumps once a month. j/k, i have never had them hurt. mine shrunk too, but they'll come back afterwards, they always do. i wouldnt worry about it.

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    Primo is good shit,,,, really good shit when it’s legit. The only problem is, when you’re looking to gain from it you need to take A LOT. I mean way more than any drug profile will tell you. It’s kind of like D-bol, we don’t like using more than 40- 50 mg/day, well guys like Arnold had to be taking more in the neighborhood of 200-300-500 mg/day along with massive doses of Primo, Deca and Winstrol and likely LOTS of Proviron.

    The big shooters on this board seem to think your gear is bunk…..Personally I would listen to them and have a look around for a better source unless you want to pay a ton of money for primo and end up with ~~~~~~> EQ? <~~~~ not likely, it’s too expensive to scam you with so you probably have Enanthate in my opinion.

    The reason your losing weight with the test is that you’re taking it at Primo doses (still enough for your balls to shrink)! While cutting…..Sorry dude.

    Your source could be on this board watching, but who cares! I know for a fact there are some solid MM Blood Brothers out here who will treat you right…… Dig around a bit, read some posts and when you think you’ve found a source, run it by one of the mods.

    Mr. V

    *~~~ I really don’t mean to offend you, but if I do it’s nothing personal, I’m just a bit of an A**HOLE! ~~~*
    *~~~ I really don't mean to offend you, but if I do it's nothing personal, I'm just a bit of an A**HOLE! ~~~*

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    Originally posted by tough_lil_gina:
    Originally posted by Ryujiin:
    Jerking off 4 times a day can also have that effect, so you better slow up a bit... Wall[/quote]

    OMG babe... then I am definately curious at how big you are when you don't jerk off four times a day.... cause right now its well mmm mmm good... and definately not lacking anything!!!!


    Strength is not only measured physically...but also mentally![/quote]

    Strength is not only measured physically...but also mentally!
    Ryujiin and I are now happily married..... since May 21st!!!

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    It has been published that there are thyroid hormone nuclear receptors in Sertoli cells in the testis, so there is direct action of thyroid hormone at the testicular level... whether this is correlated to your observations I cannot answer, however

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