Hey, I am new to this site and this is my first post (i hope this doesn't give the wrong idea. I am in college and i train very hard, power-building (thats what i call it), and fight training' however i have alot of trouble getting sleep, i just can't trun off my brain i guess. I have used all the herbal stuff and melatonin, i have used sleeping pills (all kinds) they make me sleep well but they don't put me to sleep, and when i wake up in the AM i am groggy as shit. i have been taking pain killers lately, they make me tired and put me to sleep, i know it is not good to use them alot but i need sleep! I try and regulate them so i don't use them that much (plase don't think me a pharmy head)

i have used up all my pain killers i had from a surgury, now i am back to the problem with sleep. Can anyone help? any one with ideas or connections, please, i invite all responses.

thanks for putting up with me, i think i will like being a member of this site.


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