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Thread: O/T :)

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    Default O/T :)

    Just some off topic things to talk about ladies.

    Does anyone have impants? I'm wanting to look into it. But trust me, I WILL DO ALL KINDS OF RESEARCH beforehand. Just curious to some of ya'lls experiences.
    BTW, this is a great site I've looked on :

    One more while I have ya here. Piercings. What do you gals have? I just have ears & naval. But curious about some other areas. Wink

    *RIP KILLA* You'll be greatly missed

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    I never got them, but I always thought of getting them. The price is fairly low $5K and under usually and the site heals fast as far as I know.

    I think it really does depend on your current cup size, if A/B for most they look for implants, but anything over the doctor will usually say it's not really need (but will still do it).


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    Does anyone have large natural breasts? Am looking for a way to perk-up and prevent sagging. Cup size is D to DD and don't want them to be sagging to my knees in a few years (have started already).

    I have considered implants not to go larger but to keep mine from sagging but could in no way afford them right now so gimme some advice on how to perk up please!!!

    Sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here. <Jack Nicholson>

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    Well, I have a natural 36DD cup, but I have been looking into eventually getting a "lift and tuck" on em. I want them to look like fakes, but obviously they'll be real.

    I have a couple of piercings. 2 in each ear, navel, and 2 in the tongue. 1 tattoo. Honestly kind of curious about getting the "unmentionable" pierced. Kinda scared though. OUCHIE!!

    *Forever STK's LiL Lady*
    ***May you forever rest in peace baby***
    ~~~RIP STK 1972-2003~~~
    He truly was God's greatest creation
    *Forever STKs LiL Lady*
    ***May you forever rest in peace baby***
    ~~~RIP STK 1972-2003~~~
    He truly was Gods greatest creation

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    Default I haven&apos;t got em

    I only have 34A. I have always wanted to be just a b cup. But I've been to afraid to get them. My husband says there is an herb that will help make them bigger. I'll ask him and see what it was.
    Piercings? Just one in each ear. I don't like pain. I guess I'm kinda dull.
    Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.

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    roguelacy Guest


    Building your chest muscles helps keep your breasts from needing a wheelbarrow before your thirty.I am dd cup and I have noticed since working out everything is alot firmer.As far as piercings I had my eyebrow done then my ears.Tattoos I have a pegasus on my neck

    confusious says :Man who snatches kisses when young, kisses snatches when old

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    Tattoos & piercings....
    3 piercigs one ear, 4 in other
    previously had tongue & naval pierced when I was bartending.... will redo my naval when I lose some more weight.

    Small heart on left foot
    Medium white tiger on wall on outside of L hip
    Chinese symbols on small of back
    Tigers face in shape of butterfly on R glut (this one is my favorite - I could take or leave the rest)
    Sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here. <Jack Nicholson>

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    I'm a 36A during competition prep and 36B offseason. I personally wouldn't want to be larger; they just seem to get in the way of my athletic endeavors. When I carried more bodyfat, I wore a 36C, and had to double-up on the sports bras when I ran - ugh! I'd rather build up my "muscle cleavage" - at least it looks natural, especially when you're into the low bodyfat percentages.

    I do pad my bikini tops with Victoria Secret gels (I'm a Figure competitor), since most of the women on stage with me seem to have implants.

    I have my ears pierced and my navel pierced. That's it and that's probably all I'll ever do. I guess I'm a little boring too. Roll Eyes
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    Originally posted by jjfigure:
    I guess I'm a little boring too. Roll Eyes[/quote]

    Girl, I think that is the last thing you are!

    *RIP Daddy... Forever your little girl*

    *RIP KILLA* You'll be greatly missed

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    Not boring at all!! BTW hello everyone. Smile

    I've got two in each ear lobe that I rarely put anything in. And no body piercings, so I'm a little on the conservative side I guess. Wink

    I'll think have to pick up some "assistance" (in my case padding or something -- not looking to get implants Smile)for my first contest next year because I'm a 36A on AND off-season, hehe!

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