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Thread: Menopause Diet

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    Tarzana Guest

    Default Menopause Diet

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new here so I'll preface my question with a bit of background. I've been lifting heavy and seriously for nearly 6 years, and have kept my bodyfat between 12 and 15% during that time. I also do cardio several times a week, although I hate it.

    For the whole 6 years, I've always had cravings for carbs (SUGAR really) at night, and have NEVER managed to control myself. I nibble a lot on stuff like animal crackers, cereal out of the box, etc. I theorize that I become somewhat hypoglycemic late in the day...hits about 4PM. In fact, recently I experimented with Metformin, and found that my late-day sweet cravings got worse, which I think confirmed the hypoglycemia theory. (We're not actually talk "craving"'s more like needing a fix! Very intense.)

    Anyway, the problem is: All this bad eating at night never affected my weight until NOW. I just hit menopause about 6 months ago and have gained 15 pounds of fat. The night-time sweets have GOT to stop, but so far I haven't managed to change this habit. Am I just being a weenie, or is there something I can do to reduce the cravings?

    I do eat very clean throughout the day. (About 120 grams of protein, a bit of flax and oil oil, a few nuts, and lots of vegetables...usually 2 servings of fruit, too.) Adding unrefined low gi carbs like oatmeal doesn't seem to affect the problem at all, and usually just give me gas!

    It has been suggested that I try dhea but am very nervous about fooling with any hormones or drugs while my natural hormones are in such flux.

    Thanks so much for your input.


    Macho is not a gender issue.

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    I would suggest trying to do a balanced diet for now: 33%protein/33%carbs/33%fat, go for weight x 11 in calories.

    It seems that the biggest problem you have is the night-time carving. Thus, I would recommend that you try: Pseven and Liporexin before bed. Add some melatonin to the mix and you should be able to go to bed, stimulate fat burning while you sleep and allow for the disorientation of those cravings.

    Also, before bed, drink 10-15grams of psyllium husk fiber, it will keep you full for a bit during the night.

    Overall, the hormone fluctuations due to menopause are something I would not go into without asking your doctor. Many people have many views, I for one believe in low anavar therapy and such, but others don't.


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    Tarzana Guest


    Those look like awesome products, AB. I'll try them. Thanks SO much for the links and the advice.


    Macho is not a gender issue.

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