Prevention of Training Injuries

Many of the injuries that occur during training are due to lack of knowledge on how the body functions and are easily avoidable. Before any type of training takes place, stretching is necessary to warm up the muscles and get them ready for use. A cold muscle is easily pulled, causing pain and discomfort.

Prevention of injuries can be accomplished through strengthening of muscles. Strong muscles and a well-balanced body make all types of activities easier to perform, preventing injury from overuse and strain. It is important to strengthen opposite muscles equally, for example the quadriceps and hamstrings, or the biceps along with the triceps. Resistance training strengthens the muscles surrounding joints, aiding in joint stability and muscle balance. Improvement of tendon and ligament strength is seen with resistance training as well.

Plenty of rest, good nutrition, and a properly hydrated body are also factors that play an important role in the prevention of injury during training.

As with any training program, making sure to start slowly with gradual increases in frequency, duration, and intensity is an important key to preventing injury. A general guideline to follow is the 10% rule; increase your training in 10% increments. Always make sure to listen to your body, it knows when to slow down and when it can handle more. Moderation is always best in avoidance of injury while training. Keep your program balanced making sure to include flexibility, cardiovascular, and strength training elements.