Why Women Need to Weight Train
by Denise Nero

Again and again, research has shown women who weight
train regularly enjoy many health benefits, although some
women still fear that it will make them big and bulky.

Fortunately, women's attitudes are changing, and more and
more women are hitting the weight room. If a woman can get
past the initial concerns with weight training, they will
see that the exercise is an outstanding way to maintain
health. Listed below are some of important reasons why
women should train with weights and take it more seriously.

1. Because men have way more of the hormone that causes
bulking, you will not bulk up like one. You will lose fat
while you are gaining muscle because. . .

2. Adding muscle increases your resting metabolic rate (the
rate at which your body burns calories), so the more lean
muscle you have, the more calories you will burn throughout
the day.

3. Weight training will make you stronger, and you will be
able to accomplish daily activities with ease. Gone is the
image of the damsel-in-distress. It's good to be a strong,
able-bodied person.

4. Your bones benefit. Weight training increases the ever-
important bone density, so strength training is great
against Osteoporosis. Imagine the doctor saying the bone
density test came back perfect!

5. Adult onset of diabetes is a growing problem for men and
women, and lifting weights can help reduce your risk.

6. Weight training improves your cholesterol and blood
pressure, both serious concerns for women today.

7. If you are an athlete or play a sport, strength training
is a big plus!

And, last but not least, weight training is very beneficial
for depression. Perhaps a surprise to some, but by lifting
weights, you will feel much more confident and capable of
achieving your goals. So, go ahead, ladies! Give weight
training a try: you will love it!