Stage presentation is a concept that can be described as the art of looking like a champion. It can be an acquired skill or something possessed naturally. Either way, it is an important component of competition for fitness or figure athletes. Many times, as judges fiercely peruse through a line up of competitors with great physiques, this is the sharp quality that stands out to make a difference. When a competitor steps on stage, she wants to feel like a winner. However, learning to look like a winner will become the essence of emanating that well-deserved confidence from the inner spirit. That's what stage presence is all about. And it is powerful!
On Stage

Stage presentation is an aspect of competition prep that should not be neglected. It should be practised along with all the hours spent working on fitness routines and sculpting that perfect body. Many competitors are not aware of what their stage presentation is like until they view it on a videotape. This may be because they have yet to learn how to "feel" what their image is exuding and how to let their aura shine on stage. Every woman has a unique aura about her. Stage presentation is comprised of one's personality, charisma, and poise.

During competition, it is difficult to illuminate one's personality when the mind is racing , the heart is pounding, and the nerves are tense. Competitors may be filled with fear and excitement. All these distractions can make it difficult to relax and be You. So, the first thing that needs to be conquered is learning how to relax on stage. In order to relax, one must feel confident about what they are doing. Confidence is oftened derived from hard work and practise. Practise leads to perfection in the way that you will present yourself. You will need to practise how you will walk on stage, what style of a full turn you want to execute that best suits your physique, and of course any and all mandatory quarter turns.


You want your posing to become second nature with your muscle memory. And you will, no doubt, need to feel comfortable in your posing shoes in order to move smoothly and gracefully. Competition shoes are not usually the typical or standard high heel shoe, so do not wait until the last week before your show to start walking in them. Again, once you've practised your posing and your walking, you body will become aware of how you look according to how you feel. If you know what you look like on stage and are pleased with it, it will be that much easier to throw out a radiant smile with pride and feel confident about your presentation.

Now, let's talk about charisma and personality. Most competitors feel like they go into "acting" mode from the minute their foot hits the stage. They plaster a fake smile and hope it stays during the duration of the physique round.

The physique rounds can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the number of competitors. Your lips might be smiling but your eyes will tell it all. So, what should you do? Being by thinking of your comfort zone or "place of pride". Your place of pride is the place where you've felt best about your physique.


It may be in your bathroom mirror, or in front of your supporting fans and friends. It may be in the aerobics room where you've practised your posing over and over again until perfection. Or it may be in the eyes of your husband or loved one that thinks you're beautiful no matter what. This is where you need to be, mentally, when you step on stage. Take control and create your own environment. For example, when I step on stage, I imagine that everyone in the audience loves me, thinks I'm cheesy, and are proud of how hard I've worked. That makes me smile and my eyes light up.

I imagine myself saying "thank you" with my eyes and feeling thrilled to receive such love. Sometimes, I get humorous with myself on stage. I'll look into the eyes of the judges and think to myself, "I'm your winner right here" . And at that point, I know what is being emanated in my stage presence: confidence, sassiness and a lot of cheesiness. Sometimes, things may throw you off though; a frown from a judge, a comment from the audience, sweat running down your cheeks; but you have to remind yourself to go back to your "place of pride". Let your friends and family in the audience help remind you to stay in that "place".

Remember that stage presentation is the icing on the cake; it is the seal of your "final" package. Be proud of what you've accomplished, and be diligent in working to possess that aura that deserves to shine from within you! Smile pretty!

By: Tanji Johnson

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