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Thread: Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements

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    Default Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements

    Read an interesting article here. Don't know how acurate it is, but my guess is that it well be helpfull for guidelines. What do other's think?

    So given my height of 59", my wrist of 6" and ankle of 8.5" it calculates out to a max weight of 173 lbs at 8% bf. Means I would have to lose 21 lbs of bf and gain 27.43 lbs of muscle. Though I'm not sure I'll get that low in bf I do see that weight as being a good weight for me.

    Here are my predicted max measurements:
    Chest 46.01"
    Biceps 15.83"
    forarms 12.67"
    neck 10.78"
    thighs 24.73"
    calfs 16.72"

    Here are my current measurements:
    Chest 38"
    Biceps 13"
    forarms 11"
    neck 14" (wonder why my neck is so much larger?)
    thighs 23.5"
    calfs 15.5"

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    The first thing I would say is that the "drug-free" bodybuilders mentioned weren't necessarily so,as steroids have been around since the forties.It's insulin,gh,and particulary igf-1,that has made the difference.The thing is,this is not about numbers.Any numbers you hold in your mind are a limitation.And you will likely never reach your "goal",so it's best to set your goal higher than what you wish to achieve.I wanted to get 50 reps @ 315 on my squat.I got 46 or 47,depending on who you ask.These weren't non-stop,but they were all without racking the bar,so I consider that one set,even though I was taking a lot of deep breaths between reps at the end.I can tell you that since that day,I have had no desire whatsoever to try that again.But still I wonder...what if my goal had been 60 reps?Also your body has no concept of the future because it doesn't exist.If you say "Someday",I'll be like this,what your body hears is "I am not like this".Forget all those numbers and formulae.All they can do is distract you.In your mind's eye picture yourself as you want to be.When you are training,FEEL what this feels like.Exult in your power.Let this be real for you.Your body will then conform to a "new" reality.As you believe,so you achieve.Plus,you will enjoy every step of the way.The secret to anything in life is to act "as if" it were already real.This is not to say not to have goals.No...act as if you have already achieved them.When I attempted my no-hands squat at 315 recently,there was no doubt in my mind that it was going to happen.This is the power of belief.It can work for you,or against you.I know I've rambled away from the subject,but I believe that what I've just said is more powerful than speculating about some future that doesn't exist...

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    You're probably right. But I think for me those numbers sound about what I would like to achive. I wouldn't consider myself to be a true body builder, I just want to add a bit more mass. One because I want to look better (more muscle and less fat), another because I want to be stronger and finally I want to increase my resting motabolism a bit.

    Thanks again for your thoughts on the subject, I appreciate all that you have to say. Especially the information you've been providing on training and diet, it's helped out a great deal.

    One other interesting point. I'm working on my 5 rep maxes and thought I was at my max for shoulder press at 42.5 lb dbs and wasn't looking forward to doing the 45 lb dbs the other day. Well, I did the first set with a little strain and then did a second and thought I could even do more than 5, when before at 42.5 I thought that was it and barely got them up for 5 reps. The other thing is was checking the weight for my next excercize and realized I was only supposed to do 1 set. LOL So I lifted more weight more reps and more sets when I didn't think I could. Either it was mind over matter or the time of the day or potentially my diet was a bit different.

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