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Thread: Sprint Intervals Revisited

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    What I would like to know is how sprinters set their schedule within the week. I have tried to incorporate them on my rep days but it is just too much intensity and I get drained.

    Here is how I set them up

    Mon: Max Effort Lower body (usually squat / good morning or partial dead)

    Wed: Max Effort Upper body (Bench or chin depending on season)

    Fri: Sprints and reps for lower body (5 sets of sprints for distance or time plus after 4x15 unilateral lunges and posterior chain)

    Sat: Reps upper body

    during the other days I try to hit my abs and calves 10sets of 20 reps

    what do you think SYL?
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    I tried these this first thing in the morning. I walked one lap to warm up then did the core four minutes. That was hella intense! I walked another lap to cool down and mainly in case I had to throw up it wasn't in my car. It's hard to imagine such a short workout can exhaust you so completely. Thanks for the post Strapping!

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