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Thread: Steroid cycles for women.

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    Ok, first of all, if you are not on the right diet, those drugs WILL NOT work. If I were you, I would research the diet and training more before jumping into Clenbuterol and T3 because they are not magic drugs. You can get the same results if your training and diet is right without the drugs. BTW, they're illegal.

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    Ive done growth but no test type steriod.... Ive read through a LOT of sites and info but a lot of it varies. One places said that EQ (equipose?) is the best for women with little to no virtualization affects and easy on liver and better than primo .... other places say Primo or deca.
    I want an injectable as Ive read they are easier on liver since only pass through liver once vs oral twice (which anavar is oral).

    Any females out there use EQ (Equipoise?). Id love to hear others' experience on it

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    i m new in this forum. and i m not a body builder i am simple and an ordinery girl. i have small tits only 32A. i m in this forum if could know any steriod useful for me to increase my buts upto 'd' size. while prescribing the steriod please also mention the side effects of it in a female.

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    I'm sorry Nidhi, there are no steroids that will give you what you want. Your post reminds me that all of us here feel that what we are isn't enough. I wish you well on your journey and hope you discover your true value.

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    I concur with the last post, I was anorexic as a young girl and have found I can put all my mind and effort into building muscle and being healthy but some things there are few things to change and everything has risks

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