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Thread: iSteroids Board Rules and Guidelines

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    Default iSteroids Board Rules and Guidelines

    • Do not post, PM or e-mail moderators or other members asking for a steroid source.
    • Do not post or PM other members discussing sources. When you are caught, you will be banned immediately.
    • Similarly, do not post prices for any illegal substances.
    • Discussion of packaging and shipping details {to include transit times, delays and country of origin} will not be tolerated.
    • For your own safety, NEVER buy from anyone who uses the PM system to solicit business. Let one of the moderators know if a source PM’s you so we can take care of the issue.
    • If you are a source, don’t bother posting for business, it is against the board’s policy and you will be banned with no warning.
    • No promoting other sites (either openly or via PM) unless you've gotten prior approval from the staff.
    • No links , URLS, or e-mail address in signatures.
    • No airing of personal beefs. If you have a continued problem with another forum member, please take it to PM's or ignore them. Please use the ignore feature when applicable.
    • If you’re new to the site, introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum.
    • Visit the Chat Forum here for some great conversation and to get to know other members better.
    • Ask questions, read, make friends, post often, and support our site by visiting our sponsors.
    • Be respectful of staff and fellow members at all times. Joking is fine, but flaming, insulting or arguing over differing opinions will not be tolerated. As this board continues to grow, we will have members from all walks of life and parts of the world. Any derogatory comments regarding another forum member's ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, or age will not be tolerated.
    • No flaming. Flaming is considered any sort of personal attack on a fellow forum member. If any forum member feels that the line between friendly banter and a personal attack has been crossed, notify a moderator and the thread will be promptly locked or removed.
    • If you have a problem, PM a moderator so it can be resolved.
    • No nudity in avatars but we have a XXX forum for picture posting.
    • Remember, this board is a community of people with one thing in common, and it takes all of us working together to keep it a safe and enjoyable place to be.
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