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Thread: Want A Source Check?? Click Here!!

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    Lightbulb Want A Source Check?? Click Here!!

    Now that I have your attention I want to make some things clear to Isteroids members. Unlike other boards that offer "source checks" after so many posts, Isteroids does not. There is absolutely no source checks given either via the PM system or on open board. If you get caught you will be banned without warning. Isteroids has never approved source checks, and never will. If you are unsure that a source is legit, it's up to you to find out. The scammer section same thing applies. If you have been scammed contact a Moderator for your post to be approved.

    There will also be no posts about former or current sponsors on the board. If you have a problem, you handle that problem with them privately. The board is no place to ***** openly about your supplier problems. Isteroids is a great place for information on ancillary products, and anabolics. We have tons of articles on diet, training, nutrition, and health articles. Let's all pitch in together and keep the Questions & Answers forum clean.
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    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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