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Thread: competition photos, 2 weeks ago...

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    Nicebody,good lookin,wow ,you have worked hard

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    If you're not where you want to be yet, there is no rule saying you absolutely must do the March show. It is better to wait and bring the package you want than to compete just to get up there.

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    MMMMM, good point.... but I think, for's a "test" show really..... because the big one is two weeks after it..... I'm planning on training hard right through that March need to be in PHOTO ShAPE because BRENT ALLEN (one of Jaime Eason's big-time photogs) is coming to Myrtle Beach to do a photo shoot with me.... I figure I'll need to look fantastic ...but want the photos BEFORE the BIG competition.......because I want to EAT when that one is done!! !HAHAHAHAH Make sense? Plus...I think I need the "stage" time.... Posing to judges, you know...perfect practice makes for perfect.... I also kinda feel that when the same judges see you a few times...remember you.....and see improvements...this is a big plus.... don't you?? You're opinion matters in this...seriously! I'm still learning here!

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    I definitely understand your goals and timeline with the photoshoot. makes sense. however, you should probably take the rest of the season off and come back next year if your goal is to really add muscle, especially as a natural. while practice does make perfect when it come to posing, you can practice without being on stage. When it comes to judging, honestly, have you seen how many girls are in national shows? unless you're top 10 or have a strong ******** presence, chances are you won't be remembered. i personally think it is better to make the judges go "WOW" and keep getting better than having them go "very nice" and improving toward WOW. did that make sense?

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    Yes...that does make sense.... I still think I'm gonna give it a shot. But definately, if I don't make top 3..... then I'll take the rest the year off and just lift....and eat....and lift some more....hehehe!!!

    Thanks for that input! I do practice posing all the time ( another reason I placed higer, I was told...because my posing is really good) I do have a coach as well.... who's wife is pro and an olympia figure competitor.... so I guess I'll let these upcoming shows be their call..... they've been right so far!!! Thanks again hon!


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    best of luck in your upcoming season. you seem to be in good hands. just remember to be true to yourself and remember that you can't ride 2 horses with 1 ass. im lookng forward to seeing some hot shots from your photo shoot!

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