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Thread: whats good and bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eng.k.1979 View Post
    thank you guys for ur help, is not that i dont know anything about it i been reading about it alot but i heard its easyer to get the best info from here sothat i am asking to get the info from the right ppl
    Once you hit the 4 week mark you need to go off for a month. You shouldn't need any pct when stopping at 4 weeks.

    Make certain your protein intake is 1.5 grams per pound on body weight daily. Your caloric intake should be 20 calories per pound of body weight daily.

    weeks 5-11 no steroids just workout hard. The deca will still be enhancing your gains.

    Beginning week 8 follow up with 4 weeks of anavar and primobolan depot. Shoot the primo 100 mg's on monday and thursday. Stop the cycle at week 12. No post cycle therapy needed since anavar and primo don't aromatize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnanthonyhome View Post
    Do you mean injectable deca,or a supplement you bought at a healthfood store?
    I asked him for a picture. We'll soon find out what it is.

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