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Thread: should i take steroids or just fat burners

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    Default should i take steroids or just fat burners

    alright, so i'm a newbie. i'm lookin for info.

    i'm 20 yrs old, 5' 11", 205lbs, i don't have the slightest idea of body fat i'm at.. (i'd say i'm slightly overweight), i want to go back to my highschool size which was about 190 but toned. in hs i worked out about 4 times a week outside of school and usually 2 times a week in class. now i'm lucky if i go to the gym twice during the week, and when i'm there it's usually only for an hour.

    i mainly just want to lose weight, but gaining muscle is always nice. i'm trying to achieve this by august.

    what would yall recommend i do?

    oh and also, after reading that how to with steroid injections, i know i couldn't do it myself. not too fond of needles. so how would i find someone that could do it for me? and do they have pills?

    thanks in advance guys.

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    No No way do you need steroids just a good diet and plenty of work in the gym. Steroids wont achieve what you are looking for.

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    Do you have a diet set out yet?
    It all boils down to a good diet, either for bulking or cutting. Choose one or the other.
    But your more bothered about getting down the bf% so just head to the diet section and read.
    You might want to post your current diet too so others can help better. List the macros (protein,carbs,fat) if you can.

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    Default Google

    Google bodyfat calculation
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    No juice, DIET, cardio, a few fat burners if you desire... skip the AAS.

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    If you want to get back to where you were in high school it appears you worked out 6 days a week. So to get back there you should work out __ times a week? (Fill in the blank) I don't think you need anything at all at this point. Working out regularly is the only thing that will get you where you say you want to be. Now do you have the dedication to do it.......?
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