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Thread: Muscle grouping with IGF and MGF?

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    Default Muscle grouping with IGF and MGF?

    I am ordering some PEG-MGF and IGF-1 LR3. I understand how to use the LGF which is immediatel after workout but i'm confused as when to use the MGF. When do you use the MGF? Also say I do 2 body parts, back and biceps in a workout and do biceps first would I wait until I finish my workout to pin or do I pin right after biceps then pin after doing back? One last question on multilple muslces like the day I do legs, do I have to pin my calves, quads, hams and glutes or just one pin somewhere in the leg? Thanks guys.

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    the MGF can be used 12-24 hrs before your next workout in the primary muscle to be worked. I would pin the IGF after you finish back because you will still get some bicep work while doing back. Just pin in one muscle you worked that session... what ever muscle you are focusing on most because it will also affect in those other leg muscles

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    pin the igf bilat in the promary muscle you worked out immediatly after work out like with in 10 mins i would say max.... peg he hit it on the head

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    I've recently heard that it is best to work out bigger muscle groups first, your back, legs and chest (whatever you are doing that day), and then move to the smaller groups. Ever since this change I have seen better results from my workouts.

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