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Thread: "steroid abuse scars young bodybuilder"

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    Quote Originally Posted by small guy View Post
    Looks like a 12 gage or maybe a 10 gage to the chest!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nobody whould let their body get to the point that he did without seeing a doc sooner!!!!!!!!
    You may have a point. I saw a guy after he got peppered with rock salt, and his skin looked just like that... (He was raiding somebodys plants )

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    lol do you mean a 12 gauge needle or a 12 gauge shotgun? somebody should have sold him the nizarol aswell as the dbol

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    wow how could you do that to yourself??
    if i even looked 1/20th that bad id get off the gear and see a doc asap!

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    Wow that's great!! would have even been a little better if they could have included my P.O. box in the article to return all those dangerous steriods. Come on guys, these young men could be scared for life!! I am attaching my address now. Let me help! Oh, please use discreet packaging, as I am not looking to receive any glory for my selfless dead.

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    "2 kinds of steroids twice a week for a few months" - MY ASS. Or it was a crazy amount...

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