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Thread: Tren sides....what are they?

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    Just started to use tren 2 weeks ago (75 mg EOD). No side effects so far but the shots hurt more than anything I've injected before. The pain lasts only 24 hours so I'm sore half of the time...

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    there you go dash.. id say try the tren ace at the start of your next cycle and if you find the sides intolerable just discontinue it. it comes and leaves your body very quick so just try for yourself i think you'l like it ... make sure you use some dostinex with it. makes a big difference.
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    i'm one of the lucky ones that get next to zero sides from tren.ace that is as that's all i've tried to date.some weeks i've ran it as high as 100mg/ed for 2-3 weeks at a clip with the only side being a little sweaty at night but not for long,a bit of insomnia that 1-2 klonopin can't halp,and the shortness of breath/cough.most think it's only when you hit a vein with's because trenbolone has very poor cellular respiration.any cardio type movement will make your body crave more oxygen.almost the same when i just ran my methyltren.can't wait to hit my tren this spring/ 5 each of ace and enth with a little hex on the way now.yeah boyyyy!
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    the only tren sides i have gotten....are really bad night sweats!!..... insomnia starting a cpl weeks into cycle....and i have very crazy vivid dreams....
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    I had crazy night sweats and pretty bad insomnia. I gained a lot though and kept most of it.

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