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Thread: Checking the Box

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    Default Checking the Box

    I have been reseaching the forum for about a year and half. I am very impressed with the advice and knowledge that exists in the group. Very uncommon.

    Myself, life long bodybuilder (no competition). My stats are 6,3 and a solid 220at 50 yrs. My body fat is ranges between 15-18. Belted cycles, about 8. I dont know if you call what I did back in the early 80's a cycle, but it was gear none the less (PCT-what was that?). Live and learn. Here - you can certanly learn.

    Got slow and lazy a couple of years ago. Felt like someone was letting the air out of me. Ran one of your recomended beginner cycles after the go ahead from the results of my bloodwork (sus250 10 wk w/pct). Major effect (to the good).

    Current cycle week 1-12 Sustanon 500mg/w. 1-10 deca 450mg/w, 10 - 15 Anavar 30mg/day, HCG included 250iu 2xweek. I run a 3-1 split workout (3 on - one off). Lately, I can to a 4 on one off with as great as I feel.

    I have read or tried to read every post in the forum. Thanks for the care, thoughtfulness, and knowledge that you pass on to others.

    Wish this type of help was available earlier.

    Thanks brothers.

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    Hey bro sounds like you got it going on. I just want to ask you about your bloodwork. I am young and i am doing my first cycle too. I got blood work done before I started and had high liver enzymes. I believe it was from not cycling on my Super Pump 250 but i really dont know. I am just curious with your age how did yours look. was your liver good? was your test low or high? What did the doc say about gear? Mine told me I dont even need to take VITAMINS. He said it was good to workout but dont you think you are big enough. He just doesnt know what bodybuilding is about.

    Thanks stacked
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    hello and welcome and thanks for the compliments.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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    I'm a transplant from cailf. to wva


    war horse welcome
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    WOW now that's a first post!

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