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Thread: help me

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    Default help me

    I just finished a ten week 250 ml. test. I did 1 cc a week for ten weeks. I gained about 5 lbs. I noticed other guys were gaining 15 lbs. I watched what I ate and gained strenghth alot , but not to much size. I was going to do another 250 ml of test with 200 ml of equipoise???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! I am looking formore size. Thanks
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    Put this on the anabolic section there mate. I've done it for you.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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    doesn't matter


    If you just came of a ten week cycle you need to do your pct. Then you take your time off to figure out what you did wrong. Let's say 10 week cycle+4 weeks pct=14 weeks. Then you take 14 weeks after pct before you do another cycle. Post up cycle history, diet(what you eat in a day),height,weight,age and how long you've been lifting to start. Then maybe someone can help you.
    Good Luck

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