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Thread: If blood is found upon aspiration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fergman View Post
    also watch for a couple of air bubbles to come into the syringe. that way you know when you have pulled back far enough.
    lol, he has found the key LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardliner View Post
    lol, he has found the key LOL
    lol. not sure what that means but i did laugh

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    i had blood rushed in the syring but it did mix up with test e. and remained in the bottom near the needle......

    I just pushed the blood (may be a bit of gear) in the wash basin and injected in another location.

    I dont know if i did wrong but it was all good.
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    fuck guys lol today i was due for a glute shot tried three times every time i aspirated had blood so went to the quad first shot leg started to twitch haha new that was not the spot so tried again FINALLY GOOD HAHA

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