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Thread: Newbie - Anavar Question

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    Default Newbie - Anavar Question

    gonna try to make this short'n sweet. I've recently lost 42lbs of fat and gained a few pounds of muscle with the guidance of a PT friend on diet & gym routines. I've changed my workout 3 times since starting in October. My story, simple & probly common. Was always athletic from a child till about 19. Got married at 21 and got fatter every day from that day on. Happiness lead to slack off on all activities. Now 33 yrs tired worn out felt older than I was. got a history in the family of colon cancer and heart attacks due to lifestyles. dont wanna fall in that pattern. decision to get super fit and STAY there has finally been made. Been at it now since Oct. 8 09.

    I feel great, am back in single digit clothing sizes and look at lot better. Im sure my bloodwork would show a lot of great things too.

    I really want to take this to the limit. Not happy with just 40lbs of fat loss. I want serious definition & ABS damn it! for the first time in my life I want to be the gal at the beach everyone oogles over.

    fit people command a certain respect. when you look at them you KNOW it took a lot of blood sweat and tears to get there. I want to have people feel about me the way I feel about them when I see someone with an outstanding body.

    I am built well. evenly distributed. Even when I was over weight nobody believed what I weighed because I carried it solidly and evenly.

    anyway one of the PT's that is helping me says I will GREATLY benifit from Anavar to get that last little layer of fat off and get to my goal faster.

    Im nervous to get him to order it for me. I believe him when he says its safe. his gf is a fitness competitor and she takes it. So I know it's safe but theres still a part of me thats nervous. words and phrases like "liver toxicity, unde gound labs, bathtubs, "dirty roids" or bacteria, keep coming up as I read and or talk to people about my contemplation of taking it.

    can anyone offer some advice...words of comfort? encouragement? anything?

    I think I just need a little more positive reassurance. I dont know anyone who takes it so I cant discuss it with anyone at all. other than my PT friend.

    I'm in Canada and am pretty sure it's ilegal here. But I know theres many folks at my gym who take it. male & female. ya just dont go up to people and ask about it so I have not done that with anyone I suspect or know is taking something.

    thanks in advance.

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    I doubt anavar would really be your answer, diet and cardio (training) would be your best bet. And, its best you order your own products, not rely on others.

    Lastly, women with 6pack abs don't get "oogled" at by men, at least not in any wanted definition you're thinking of. More like, hey look at that freak with a 6pack , stick to a regular flat stomach - that is your best option.

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    Lol foxgirl to be truthful I would add clen with the anavar if you decide to take the anavar and make sure your diet is perfect and cardio is good. I think if you take it you will get good results. But Mr.X is correct your best bet would be diet and cardio.

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    Sounds like you are a little stuck and I think that Anavar is restricted for those that wan't to compete. Remember that anavar as with all steroids will put weight on you and can lead to a little water retention with females. If you absolutely must do it I wouldn't go above 10mg's a day for 6-8weeks with the weekend off so that means taking it for only five days out of every seven.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. Mr X, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know a number of people that love abs on women. Myself included. I don't really care if the majority love it, I'm not really looking for men to oggle me for a purpose because I'm very happily married. So if I got one person of the male persuasion to give me the "look" once in a while woot woot! I'm happy. Its just a bonus.The main man loving my body that is of any real concern to me is my husband. But because he says he loves me no matter what I look like, reality is, I want it for ME. I want it because I respect a fit body very much.

    I love a strong defined female body. I have always wanted it and I will get it with or without the help of Anavar. I am told Anavar will greatly help me by someone who I've come to trust for the most part. Maybe my question wasn't clear. I wasn't looking for anyone to tell me whether a muscular body on a female was nice or not, what I was looking for was a few comforting words from someone who has either used it or knows someone who has used it to the effect that it does in fact work if all other things are in place and that if it's coming from a trusted source that it is safe for short term use. This is a steroid forum, I figured it'd be the best place to get that information or advice.

    By the way, I'm not looking to compete, but if in my pursuit of a super fit body it comes to a point I COULD take it from a personal preference to a competitive level, I'm not apposed to entering a competition for fun, just to experience it & see what happens.

    Also, Mr. X: I appreciate your concern about ordering it through another person, but I have absolutely no experience with the product or where to even start looking for it. I can however get it through my PT friend who's girlfriend takes it when she's getting ready to compete. He used to be an RN and clearly wouldn't get anything for his girlfriend that would hurt her so IF I do take it, I will get it from him. Yeah it's still taking a "chance" in my mind BUT he would be the fastest and most trusted source for me. I'd be MUCH better off doing that than going to some place online or approaching a stranger at the gym and bolding asking to try to find it on my own. Don't-cha think?

    Me looking for it on my own would be like a Beverly Hills rich ***** going downtown to Mexico City to find safe Valium because her doctor stopped prescribing it to her. ha ha! Picture her tip toeing out of her Mercedes with her dainty heels & pink purse asking a street thug if he knows where she can get some "excuse me sir!" thug says "oh sure right this way ma'am" lmao

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    Anavar is relatively safe for short term use, look at you PT's girl friend is she hot would you like a body like that. Sure in my opinion muscles on women looks great! Just not to big which is bigger than ours, lol. You won't get them fron the doseage of just anaver we have told you anyway. If you feel some sides are taking place you can stop anavar and everything should go back to normal.
    If you aren't gaining weight on your current diet, how do you expect to gain weight on roids?

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