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Thread: diet, cycle, and workout

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    Default diet, cycle, and workout

    ok so ive been going through my cycle and im pretty new. i need some help with my diet. overall im tryin to gain muscle and still lose some fat. i work out usually 4 to 5 times a week. 30 mins of med intensity cardio then a hour of intense weights. please give me some good info

    600mg cypionate per week
    300mg fina per week

    -breakfast- 4 eggs and a few slices of turkey breast and a apple
    -snack- protein shake
    -lunch-either subway turkey on wheat, loaded with veggies, or turkey lunchmeat sand, yogurt cup, 90 cal cereal bar, handfull of unsalted pnuts
    -snack- protein bar
    -dinner- brown rice, cup of veggies, grilled chicken breast
    -preworkout- small protein shake
    -postworkout- protein shake
    -snack- apple or orange

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    Bro post you many carbs/fats and protein you are getting from this..

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    what? ^...

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