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Thread: help with gaining muscle

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    When I wake up around 3:30 In the morning I shower and get ready for work I normally get to work around 6:00 and eat my first meal of oatmeal then around 12 I eat lunch at some fast food place I know this is a mistake but my body is so hungry I must eat right away. Then after work before I go to the gym around 5 I eat more oatmeal to give me the energy to get threw my workout And when I get home about 7 dinner is ready.. I drink protein shakes through out the day when I'm not eating..

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazcat View Post
    Hell I've carried around burritos from taco bell in my pockets sometimes. Whatever it takes.
    Do you get alot of, Is that a taco in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. cause I don't like those wise cracks, maybe flat bread would work better.

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    Eat on ur breaks at work if you get em

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