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Thread: Question regarding Melanotan II

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    Default Question regarding Melanotan II

    Hi, I have recently been reading about Melanotan II and would like to get some advice from anyone here who has some experience with this product.

    Although a good tan would be cool I am really interested in the sexual enhancement properties that are claimed. Is this something that Really works or only a mild side effect.

    I am 41 and although not suffering from erectile problems would like to feel my younger years again. I am also finishing up a cycle with Tren and Test and find that this may be effecting my libido a bit.

    I have had some advice that it should be injected 1 time per day for producing a tan, is this same dose for increased libido? Also how long does it last for after being injected?

    Do you really have to inject each day or could you use it only when you wished to feel the effect, say on the day when you know you have a girl coming over.

    I have also been lead to PT – 141 nasal spray. I have been told this is the same as Melanotan II but not so efficient as absorption is not so high as when injected, is this so?

    I am just early stage in looking into this so if anyone here can give me some pointers on this product or steer me towards a similar produce I would be very grateful.

    Cheers Mark

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    IMO, melanotan is overused by many who don't really need it. It doesn't even work that well.

    You have to do daily shots and the "tanning" is nothing better then a spray tan once per week, and you dont need to do ED injections for spray tanning!

    p141 is not exactly the same as melanotan, you will get better results from the injections for sure.

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    I've used it several times. The deeper well rounded tan makes it worth it, but several sides make it not.
    1. Hyperpigmentation - any freckles you have will get darker and new ones will appear. They remain well after the tan has faded.
    2. Nausea - you need to do daily shots to get used to the MT2, otherwise the nausea will continue indefinitely. Lasts about 1 week with daily shots.
    3. Sexual arousal - didn't notice really anything at .5mg/ed.

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    I've been on it since early spring of 2008. The sexual side effects depend on the supplier, the individual and the amount your taking.
    For me they can be pronounced starting out and then taper down to some degree the longer I'm taking it.

    For me I am a type 1 and burn easily, with MTII I tan really dark even as a red head. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them.

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