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Thread: New here and have some questions.

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    Could you guys at least answer my questions...I don't even know if I will be able to afford the stuff but I would just like it if someone would answer my questions.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Ben Johnson took winstrol. I wouldn't ever recommend a oral only cycle but apparently it worked for him. I wonder what his liver enzymes look like to this day.....

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    Well could someone please elaborate a little more? Like how do the steroids help the athlete get better? Does it speed recovery time to where the athlete can sprint/jump and lift everyday?

    And if an athlete were to stop taking the steroids, would he/she be able to keep the gains in speed/jumping ability or would they go away?

    Also, is there anyways to prevent the female breasts and the ball shrinkage? I heard if you take anti estrogens it will stop the formation of female breasts on the male body. Is this true? If so what are these exactly and where can I get some?

    I'd just appreciate it if some people gave me answers. I know I am too young, but please answer me. I don't even know if I will take them but if I do I want to know what I am doing.

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