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Thread: My first cycle

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    Ok here is the scoop on the test I got. The only thing I can seem to get is Sust 250. Now I know that the dosage is 500 mg\week so I am assuming that I will be taking 2 injections a week say Sunday and Wednesday. I have already got the dbol, proviron, and the nolvadex. I am just waiting on the arimidex or letro then my gear package will be complete. I plan on starting my cycle on Apr 19th so the gives me ample time to complete the package.

    Now this is what I was going to do for the cycle.
    Week 1-10: 500mg\week sust
    Week 1-4: 25mg\day dbol
    Week 6-10: 50mg\day proviron

    Now since this still has a long estered substance in it should I still wait like 2 weeks to start my pct or just a few days since there is only 200mg of the longer ester?

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    Yes you should and keep taking the proviron until your PCT.
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    Ok I wouldn't have thought about that. So for the 2 weeks after the last injection I will keep taking the proviron. I did think that it might help with recovery afterwards. Alright now just waiting for the right moment.

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    I have a very importabt inquiry to whom have experience in the roids.I used sutalon 10 ccm once a week and deca drpoline 20 ccm (twice a week) 8 months ago.. the problem is I didnt use anything mean while that such as arimridex or after words such as proveron . so no cycle therapy att all .the conclusion I have eryctial disfunction lost my dysire .. I dont know what to do now I appreciat you help

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    I would suggest you go get some blood tests done to check your Estrogen and Test levels. I would also be thinking that you have issues with prolactin from the Decca. At the very least I think you should run Dostinex at .5mg E3D and Aromasin @ 12.5MGs EOD for a month, probably wouldnt hurt to do a full PCT but like I said, get blood tests done to see exactly where the problem is.
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