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Thread: Finally did it - bench press>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kain81 View Post
    No kidding good idea cookie, I'll have to get on that. because when i'm frail and 70 my grand kids aren't going to believe it unless i can prove it...

    Thanks guys for the congrats, makes it even better of an accomplishment.

    -quick side story. It was funny because i picked the biggest guy in the gym to spot me. When he walks over to the benches he went up to one that had two plates sitting on it... i was like "no big guy, this one". Lofl. So after that i HAD to push that weight!!
    hahaha nice one
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    Damn can't wait to get there!

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    Hazcat Guest


    Congratulations. Don't hurt yourself. Your shoulders will get pissed if you do that too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiemonster View Post
    awesome man! i'd video that! cause you wont be able to do that when your 50!
    To the contrary - My bro (47) and I (50) are cycling right now and hitting 315. He is on his 2nd cycle (Sus/Deca/Dbol). I am on same and hitting my 1980's bench of 405. You dont get old on this stuff!

    Congrats BTW on pushing BIG iron!

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    BIG IRON EH? good shit. thanks guys. all the congrats really add to how good i've felt about it... it was a milestone!!

    so. don't i get a t-shirt or an old bowling trophy or something???

    (oh. and that was was only after week 6 of FIRST cycle of 500mgs test e)
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    hey grats man... im going to be starting my first cycle soon i hope of test e or c ... i hopei can get to sets of 315... (i think i shoudl be able to get close cause i maxed at 300 for 1 and a half reps for the frist time liek 3 weeks ago so who know(with never doing gear before).. hearing that u did it will now make me push my self for the gold!!!!! and that used bowling trophy.

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    milestone! great choice of words. congrats dude! keep pushing yourself! (within reason of course-haha)
    Dogs are forever in the push-up position. I like Rice! its something you can eat a thousand of.

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    Smile Naa 50's still good

    Quote Originally Posted by cookiemonster View Post
    awesome man! i'd video that! cause you wont be able to do that when your 50!
    Not so true Cookiemonster. I'm 47 I've done 300 BP, The only catch is it's during a good cycle. Off cycle I've only doing 220. Thats one good reason I love the juice!!!

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