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Thread: I injected the test wrong i have a knot on my ass wut to do ?

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    doesent jeesus just turn the other cheek? right and left idea? something like that?

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    Jesus took roids? That explains why people thought he was gawd. What kind of syringes did they have back then?

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    did you position the needle correctly? the first cycle I did I kept on sticking myself straight into the side of my thigh and straight into my ass, what a retard I was. It wasn't until I was considering not doing my second that I asked a friend more experienced to help me out and he shot me downwards into my thigh and into a different spot on my ass, hell he even shot me in the delt before and it didn't hurt. Make SURE you goto the pic thread stickied at the top of the forum, or you could be in for a lot more unneeded pain.

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