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Thread: acne during PCT

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    Default acne during PCT

    So everyone has always said that you can get acne/zits/spots with test and other compounds but i never do; they always seem to come when i start pct (across my shoulders only). If it's the test that causes it how come it starts when the test is out of/leaving my system? Can anyone tell me why this is? My friend just did his first cycle and the same thing happened to him.

    Also, what have you guys found works best in keeping this problem at bay?
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    When you're coming off a cycle, you have a pretty good sized hormonal imbalance going on in your body. There are many people who only get zits during PCT for this reason. Most people resolve this by showering twice a day, possibly using high doses of vitamin B5, and if it's really bad they'll use accutane.
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