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Thread: Female First Time Having To Train

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    Default Female First Time Having To Train

    Hi, I need tips on training. About 10 yrs ago I was 5ft3 115lbs 10 yrs and 2 kids later I balloned up to 188lbs. I have lost 38 pounds i am now 150lbs. I am all about low carbs that is how I eat now I'm at a stand still with my weight loss.I'm wanting to get down to atleast 130lbs. Not sure how I get over this hump any advice will be greatly appreciated. I have never had to really work out I was lucky naturaly fit;even so I would do about 200 crunches a day or every other day . I know that is what once was and can no longer be.Im clueless PLEASE HELP!!!! I have gotten ALOT of great advice from the guys on this post btw.Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjc View Post
    Thanks for your time. I know how to lose the weight maybe im wrong in my thinking. I guess my thought was if Im building muscle im going to burn the fat. I'm all about low carb i dont eat anything from a bag box or can for that matter so pretty much meat and veggies all day everyday. Chicken ,fish, beef and the like as far as veggies . broc, cali,greens and the like. I'm not big on drinking water,but plan to start soon.
    Your diet looks on point as far as eating the right foods but are you eating enough? If your not, your metabolism may need to be revved up again to start becoming the fat burning furnace it once was. If your body has plateaued with the low carbs consider cycling your carbs. Here's a great article into carb cycling for fat loss. http://figureathlete.t***********/fr...g_for_fat_loss The best advice I can tell you is figure out your nutrient needs (if your looking to build muscle your body is going to require more food). Also journal your food intake. Sometimes seeing what we eat written down gives us a better and honest perspective to what we're really consuming. This may be something you can consider adding into your daily routine. Good luck.

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    You need to change things up and shock the body! Its time to out smart it, and make it think you are going to start feeding it again. Have a cheat meal or 2, and cycle your calories a bit, raising them (with healthy food choices), eating more frequent small meals at least every 2-2 1/2 hours, go no longer than 3 hours without food. You also have got to get your water intake up, it helps to flush your system of toxins and of course keep you hydrated.

    What are you doing for resistance training and cardio?

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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