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Thread: Gauging Progress

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    Great info.

    I'm so glad I joined this forum, pitty I didn't do it sooner!!!

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    Very informing read
    17 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 143 pounds. High school football Mississippi 2nd team all state WR/PR as junior. 2-1 MMA record. Bench max:195 Squat max: 250 9 percent body fat

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    jesus with triceps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannothemanno View Post
    Ageee with everything the boss said. As in all things in life, we humans like to complicate the ass out of them untill we end up going round in circles chasing our own tail getting nowhere. I'm sure everyone has head the old saying "weights work best", well another is "basics work best", that is heavy compound movements, ie squat, deadlift, benchpress, military press, chins. If you wanna get big then you have to train big (with the compound movements), eat big and sleep big and thats all there is to it. I see so many guys in the gym doing the same weights for the same reps for months on end!!!!! What a waste of effort!!!! You guys know those tiny little 1/4lb plates that no one (specially the skinny/small lifters) use? Well they should be your best friend in the whole gym. You hit your max weight and get to your target rep, then add those little suckers for an extra half pound on the bar. Do this EVERY time you train and hey guess what, your adding weight, making your muscles grow to lift that extra weight. The human body is intrinsically lazy in that it will ADAPT to the stress (weightlifting) of the same weight and stop growing. Its a survival thing for our bodies, but to get bigger we have to always increase our weight/reps. Thats why weightlifting is such a mind game and we must train our minds as much as our muscles. The mind gives out before the body and it will try its best to persuade us NOT to increase the weight or do that extra rep, but we need to overcome that and strenghten our mind more than our body. You can tell the serious lifters in the gym, they're the ones with the training diary. Always checking to see how many reps they last did on squat, bench or whatever and what weight, then setting the goal to improve that either with one rep (or more ) of the same weight, or the same reps with extra weight (thats where those tiny little plates come in). Thats why those guys are making such good gains, year in year out. And until we hav'nt mastered this basic workout principle, we shouldnt be taking or even thinking about taking any juice. The same applies to diet, master diet and the above training styles, get as many gains as humanly possible, THEN look at juice if thats what you want to do.
    This could be one of the most simple and yet most inspiring threads ive come across. Thanks you you and boss hog!

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