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Thread: take hgh daily good or bad????

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    Default take hgh daily good or bad????

    Ive read several things on how often to take hgh and when. Im a 122 lb 5'4" female, If Im only taking 1-2 iu's now for the first month at least, is it good to take daily and first thing in am? Ive read that if you take it long term (what ever that is) that taking daily vs taking a day off can cause your own growth hormone to stop being produced... anything to this? Ive also read at low levels to take daily. Im looking for a little boost for size on my legs, a little fat loss with it would be nice but Im lean to begin... going slow up so not as many sides.THanks

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    U can get that thru diet and doing squats. HGh is a long process that takes time. You can research that here or google it. You should tell your age also. There are alot of guys on this site that have alot of knowledge on this topic.

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    Im 34 been lifting hard daily seperating muscle groups for 2 1/2 years. I lift legs hard- extensions with 145lb and then burn out set, press with going up to #720 with 10-12 rep, squats together and single with 100#, hamstrings, lunges.I take whey before and after, glutamine before and after, BCAA, tribulus, arginine, vit B, after also E, Lysine,and ZMA at nightwith argnine and glutamine. I take in about 2300-2400 cal a day and little cardio, just some little walking, esp day after leg lifts. I was anxorexic from age 13-24 and almost died, in ICU 3 times got down to 52 lbs so I think I messed up a lot of my hormones back then to be honest so Im working against a lot but determined- I want bigger muscular legs and pain in lifting hard doesnt bother me for that.

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    well then I would pm one of the moderators on this site. either florida or PM. Thats the dude with the Indian picture. They know alot more then me. Your training is excellant and your supplements and such is good too. That means your diet. So ask them to make you a diet plan. I think that is where you are having a problem. Good luck and rememebr i am sure you look alot better body wise then 98% of the females in your age bracket.

    Take care

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    LOL- thanks. I do get a lot of comments asking why I dont do competitions and that I have great muscle, but Im not one for show- Im determined to grow my muscles becasue I grew up being told I was boney, skinny, that was ugly, and bad- so I never want to be like that again, plus lifting has totally reversed osteoperosis from starving myself as a teen. Im just working against a lot of genetics and past damage I may have done to my hormones. I eat protien and comp carbs every 1-2 hours, but I will see if I can ask of of those guys on diet...Im stupid when it comes to how this works, how to do "pm one of the moterators"?

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    I have no experience with HGH but what I have learned through research is that most will take it 5 on and 2 off. There is debate as when to take it. Some say in the AM and some say right before bed because HGH takes time to become active in your system and you get your natural gh release after you enter REM sleep. You could do one in the AM and one at bedtime also. You wont see quick results with HGH and you need to use it over a lengthy period of time. A minimum of 3 months but more like 6 months.
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